Student Reports: DoseNet Summer 2020

An Introduction

This summer at Dosenet/Radwatch was different than usual; with quarantine in place, our team had to adapt to working with students and educators through video calls and computer screens. A far cry from plenty of people busy in the lab together, everyone stepped up to make the best of our situation. Nonetheless, a healthy influx of eager students filled our Zoom meeting rooms, taking the initiative to reach out and get involved with the litany of work we run in-house. From code development  for the creation of educational tools to data analysis, all sorts of folk, from fresh faced high-schoolers to veteran students and educators, congregated together under the Dosenet umbrella to take on a summer of invaluable work.

In a series of reports written or contributed to by the students themselves, we get an exciting peek into what they achieved despite these bizarre times through their great efforts, collaboration, and whatever support we could supplement through zoom!

These postings will be going up over the next few weeks, so keep a lookout for further contributions!

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