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DoseNet participates in the Bay Area Science Festival

RadWatch and DoseNet participated in the Bay Area Science Festival again this fall. We were part of both the North Bay Science Discovery Day and Discovery Day at AT&T Park.

Tags: outreach, education

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Grand Canyon Horn Creek

RadWatch postdoc Brian Plimley was backpacking in the Grand Canyon in November 2016 near Horn Creek, a stream marked on park maps as "Do Not Drink" as a result of an old uranium mine at the canyon rim above the creek. Brian was able collected samples of water and sediment from Horn Creek to be measured at the LBL Low-Background Facility. The results of those measurements are included in this article along with some discussion of what they tell us.

Tags: Environmental Radiation

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USS Independence Survey

Our very own Christopher Figueroa accompanied a group of scientists on an expedition to observe and gather samples from the wreck of the USS Independence, a World War II aircraft carrier used as a target in the 1946 atomic bomb test at Bikini Atoll. This report describes the measurements of ocean sponge and their results.

Tags: Environmental Radiation, USS Independence

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