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  • RE: “Can Nuclear Power’s Deadly Waste Be Contained in a Warming World?”
    In Community, Outreach
    Climate Context The widespread scientific consensus …
  • Exploratorium After Dark
    In Outreach
    RadWatch and DoseNet again had the opportunity to participate in the Exploratorium After Dark focusing on radiation, through our ongoing collaboration with the Exploratorium - you can check out our ongoing data collection from the Exploratorium roof on our DoseNet map. We had a great group of volunteers and had a few hundred visitors come by our table. Thanks to our friends at the Exploratorium for hosting, and all of the interest from participants!
  • Day in the Bay at Oracle Park
    In Education, Outreach
    DoseNet and RadWatch had a great time participating in Discovery Day at Oracle Park as part of the Bay Area Science Day Festival. We had 10 undergraduate and graduate student volunteers from the UC Berkeley College of Engineering, mainly Nuclear Engineering, helping out. We also had help from three high school students from around the bay that have worked with us (or plan to work with us) as part of our summer internship for high school students. Everybody did an amazing job, and it was a great experience. In this post, we hear from one of our volunteers, Daniel Solakian - a dedicated member of the group.…
  • Mobile DoseNet gets GPS!
    In Education, Internship
    Authors: Albert Qiang and Edward Lee
    When tracking fluctuations in environmental data, geographical location is an important factor to consider. While the mobile stations have previously lacked this capability, over the course of this project we developed software to incorporate GPS data into the mapping of environmental and radiation sensor data, allowing for real-time tracking of measurements with location. Preliminary tests with the new integrated data were conducted around the UC Berkeley campus. In the future, we hope to be able to port this software to all of our mobile stations and create a robust app that will users a sense of how environmental measurements are affected by geographical location. …
  • DoseNet Summer Internship highlights
    In Education, Internship
    For the third year now DoseNet has invited a small (4-6) group of high school students to work under the mentorship of our project leadership as volunteer interns.…