Join DoseNet

Join our network today! Be a part of our team of teachers, students and scientists actively learning about radiation in our environment and how to understand it.

Why should you join?

There is great opportunity for students to get a real world example of using large statistics data sets to learn about the world around them, get hands-on experience interacting with our sensors and basic computing devices like Raspberry Pis, build their own detectors, and beyond. Joining our network will also put students in touch with science mentors at UC Berkeley and other students interested in scientific inquiry.

The bigger this network the more we all can learn. With just a few schools we will already be able to see how background radiation levels vary in time. The more schools we have involved, the better our understanding of variations in radiation levels across location will be, and the more students will be able to see that for themselves.

What do schools need to have?

Each school will work with us to make sure that our device can be installed. We now offer two installations, indoors and outdoors, and we are eager to include both at each school.

The indoor installation requires:

  1. access to power for the device
  2. an ethernet connection
  3. Mounting space: about <10” x 4.5” x 4.5”>

The outdoor location requires:

  1. access to external power for the device (or PoE - power over ethernet)
  2. access to the school WiFi
  3. Mounting space: about <10” x 4.5” x 4.5”> (sheltered) OR <20" x 6.5" x 5.5"> (exposed)

Note: Our data is sent to our server over the internet, so we do require the ability to send outgoing data over the school network. This occasionally requires working with the school IT department to make a special exception for our devices.

To get started we invite you to visit our lab, meet the team and see how our devices work first hand. Then we will arrange a visit to your school to meet interested students and teachers, verify that your school is ready to be part of our network, and possibly install the same day.

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