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USS Independence Survey

Our very own Christopher Figueroa accompanied a group of scientists on an expedition to observe and gather samples from the wreck of the USS Independence, a World War II aircraft carrier used as a target in the 1946 atomic bomb test at Bikini Atoll. This report describes the measurements of ocean sponge and their results.

Tags: Environmental Radiation, USS Independence

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Updated Sampling Measurements

The RadWatch Gamma Sampling Data has been updated to include a wider range of environmental samples from our most recent measurements of fish, seawater, and even pork products, and using a new analysis method to verify and improve on past results. Details describing the procedure for preparing and measuring samples to obtain the data presented are now described in our new Methods Page. All of this data and older results are stored through various links found through the Sampling Data Page.

Tags: Environmental Radiation

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Connecting weather data to the DoseNet network!

Adding weather measurements to DoseNet expands our environmental data collection and allows radiation levels to be correlated to weather. Here we provide the steps needed to install an affordable weather station and establish publically accessible hosting of the data obtained by the station.

Tags: education, dosenet, outreach

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