Miramonte High School Joins DoseNet!

DoseNet has added a new location!

We had a great first visit to Miramonte High School to install our device and talk to Ms. Hauptman about coming back to visit with the STEM club and talk to her class. We are looking forward to our future visits!

Data from our basic silicon sensor with indoor and outdoor locations.


Data from our cesium-iodide crystal giving precise counting statistics and energy information that allows for source identification.


Data from our air quality sensors. The top graph shows particulate concentrations, which can be used to determine the air quality index, and the lower shows the CO2 concentration in parts-per-million.


Basic weather data (temperature, pressure, and humidity) which may influence air quality and radiation data.

Miramonte High School already has a weather station! These stations provide an excellent compliment to the data provided by our DoseNet sensors for deeper exploration into environmental radiation and world around us. For information on how to add one check out our Weather Station Info page.

Weather Underground PWS KCAORIND34

Fig 1. The new Miramonte device is nestled next to Ms. Hauptman's white board behind her desk where students can wonder about that strange blinking blue light. By the way, love the science mantra!