Benjamin Huang

Affiliate Researcher

Ben recently graduated UC Berkeley with a bachelors in Nuclear Engineering. He currently works with the Radwatch team on spectral analysis, software development, and mechanical design.


  • 2022 B.S., Nuclear Engineering, University of California – Berkeley


Ben currently works as a junior researcher with the Radwatch/Dosenet group and Professor Kai Vetter’s group, as well as a mentor for the summer interns that Radwatch hosts. His main duties involve assisting Professor Ali Hanks in the many Radwatch projects that require maintenance and revival, assisting PhD students with their research, mentoring the summer interns, and the development and operation of the DECRISP multi-sensor system. The DECRISP (Detection of Earthquakes and Cosmic Ray Induced Signatures Project) system is Ben’s passion project, aimed at developing a system in hopes of predicting catastrophic earthquakes by correlating seismic activity with the theoretical elevation of radon gasses from erupting fissures deep within the earth’s crust.