Pinewood School joins DoseNet

Our device is installed! The dosimeter network has added a new location.

We had a great day visiting the students in Mrs. Abraham's AP Chemistry class and meeting several after to discuss ways they can get involved! Check out updates from our more recent visits!

Data from our basic silicon sensor with indoor and outdoor locations.


Data from our cesium-iodide crystal giving precise counting statistics and energy information that allows for source identification.


Data from our air quality sensors. The top graph shows particulate concentrations, which can be used to determine the air quality index, and the lower shows the CO2 concentration in parts-per-million.


Basic weather data (temperature, pressure, and humidity) which may influence air quality and radiation data.


Fig 1. Students learn about the DoseNet device from one of our members, Brian Plimley.


Fig 2. Brian Plimley and Ali Hanks talk to Mrs. Abraham's AP Chemistry class about nuclear chemistry and DoseNet.


Fig 3. Our installed and mounted DoseNet device. Don't touch!