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RadWatch Realtime Air Monitoring

RadWatch provides online access to a wealth of information on environmental radiation levels to help demystify an often misunderstood subject. Our automated air-sampling system collects a constant stream of data from highly sensitive air monitors displayed here for the public to see.
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R. Pavlovsky , M. Bandstra, L. Janney

Timeseries of the station data. Don't understand how to interpret these plots? We have provided a Plotting Reference to help read the plots.

This is a windrose for the time period selected. A windrose is a graph depicting which direction winds blow from as well as indicating the speed measured for data points in that direction. A detailed explanation can be found in the Plotting Reference. (Please note the speeds reported in the table are in meters per second).

Need a spectrum? Here's the past hour's acquisition. See the Technical Details for why we don't track all peaks.

Still have questions? Contact the operators of the Air Sampling project: Ryan Pavlovsky or Lauren Janney